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School expenses breaking the bank? An easy way to bridge that gap is taking a cash loan on your goods from the pawnbrokers at Bargains & Cash Tweed Heads. 

Haven’t taken a pawn broking loan before? It’s really easy! Just bring in your items – we accept a large range of electronics, ipads, mobile phones, gold jewelry & sporting goods. With an instant cash loan, you can leave your goods long or short term (up to 3 months or more) and enjoy the cash in your pocket now – knowing your items are safely waiting for you when you’re ready to collect them!

Loaning money on your goods is perfect too if you’re been rejected for finance in the past, have credit issues, or hate the large hidden fees on normal loans. Bargains & Cash easy Cash Loans are a great way to help pay for those back to school expenses, or any other bills or loans. 

So, how does it work?

It’s really simple! For every $20 you borrow, you pay only $5 a month interest.  There’s no hidden fees, or credit checks, just hassle free cash loans on the spot.

Bring in your quality items for an appraisal today and see how Bargains & Cash can help you.  We accept a large range of items in good condition.  Don’t want the item back?  You can also sell quality items directly to us for cash in your hand, on the spot. All you need is some identification and you receive instant cash.

So don’t let your items of value collect dust any longer – make them work for you, and bring them into Bargains & Cash today!